I have mentioned before that Columbus is called the Fountain City, mainly for the large number of fountains in the median strip on Broadway. With the uptown development, older fountains were removed and replaced with the the fountain above. Same fountain in about 8 locations. Personally, I think they are a bit boring. I tried to find out what I could of the significance of the design with no luck. They are all turned off for the winter, however they are taking on an interesting patina which I like. 
And the buildings also have an interesting patina. We have painted brick, red brick and painted stucco and concrete fronts. The empty storefronts are just waiting for an industrious entrepreneur to move in and set up house keeping. If I was more adventerous and 20 years younger, I might consider starting a small business in this part of town myself.


Lowell said…
I was going to say I like the treatment you gave this photo - the patina on the buildings. But now I'm thinking that's really the way they look. The colors are soft and muted. Very nice. I don't know from the fountains. :-)
Petrea Burchard said…
I love this photo of a building that has seen better days, and hopefully will see them again.
PerthDailyPhoto said…
It really does look like a eclectic group of buildings Barb, what sort of business were you thinking of? Is the fountain as big as it looks, or is it the angle you've taken the shot?

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