Stop Thinking About It! Try Us!

This little restaurant has been open just over a year. I have not eaten there, because they mainly serve breakfast and lunch. This about the third restaurant in this location. Most go under after a year or two, because the location is hard to get too. This little place has been a donut shop, a soul food restaurant, and the Dairy Dream. I wish them luck and future success.


PerthDailyPhoto said…
That's a shame Barb, breakfast is one of my fav meals to eat out, or brunch..yum!
Lowell said…
That's the sad story of many small enterprises - it's the location. I can name several here in Ocala - businesses come and go but it's so hard to get to that people give up.

Happy Valentine's Day!
RamblingRound said…
These hard to find places usually have good food too. Hope it can stay around.

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