Before I Die

TOM signing the Before I Die wall in Columbus, GA
Part of Artbeat in Columbus. The Before I Die boards are set up around the community. They are the inspiration of Candy Chang to help her gain perspective after the loss of a loved one. 
Her first board was started on the exterior walls of an abandoned house in New Orleans. Anyone walking by the structure was free to add comments to the board.
Want a kit to start a wall in your community? Click on this link here.


RamblingRound said…
That's a real direct way to make a person think!
PerthDailyPhoto said…
What a great idea Barb, might have to check out that link!
Lowell said…
So is this like one's "Bucket List"? It's an interesting concept and might actually be helpful by assisting people to think through some things that are important for them to do before they pass on.
We had one in Charleston. It was interesting to read.

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