Names in the Sidewalk

When they were building the campus, we had an opportunity to pay $25 and have a brick with our name included in the 'walk of fame'. I paid my money and got by brick. The placement of the bricks is near the location of the old Carnegie Library. In the top shot, you can see where a couple of the bricks have been pulled out. Some people just have to mess stuff up.
You can see the walk thru the 'door' here.


Lowell said…
Wow, you're famous! But I knew that! The only brick I've got was one someone threw through my window! Nah, just kidding!

This is really very nice. And I don't understand why some people live to destroy rather than build, either.
Stefan Jansson said…
Very cool. The municipality is building a new tower on a hill side in Tungelsta and the construction will be sponsored in a similar way. I haven't decided if I'm going to pay to get my name there yet.
RedPat said…
That is so cool!

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