Shopping for Sparklers

TOM and I are shooting a wedding on 6 April. We have never photographed a wedding before! I have no idea why I said yes, however I made it very clear to the bride that I am not a professional. Apparently, it is popular to use sparklers instead of rice or bubbles when the couple departs, so we went to buy some sparklers from the local fireworks store. We got some advice from Boom Boom and made our purchase. So tonight, we get to play with sparklers after dark.

You can view Boom Boom and her BFF Bang Bang in their annual 4th f July commercial on Youtube:


VP said…
The only wedding I did was my brother's, with the help of a friend. It went well, but it was some time ago...
Lowell said…
Don't burn down the house. We've done a number of weddings. The best thing to do is ask the bride and groom what kind of shots they want - they may have some very good suggestions. And bring a good flash, tripod for group shots and lots of batteries!

And remember that some people don't like the way they look no matter how excellent the photograph! :)
Randy said…
I like the idea of sparklers. Nice shot too.
Hilda said…
Sparklers? Really? That sounds like fun! Good luck with the wedding shoot!
PerthDailyPhoto said…
Only once and I was so unbelievably nervous Barb, but one thing I soon realised was that the bride and groom were even more nervous than I haha! Also be prepared as Lowell said above.. Good luck, you 'll do a grand job.
Good luck. I try to avoid weddings at all cost. Even people who say they want snapshots seem to have the big wedding album package in mind. Too much directing and coordinating for me to enjoy. Luckily I know folks to steer them to.

I do know how much a photo package can cost though so I understand how tempting it must be to ask a friend. Hope all goes well!

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