Sleeping Swan by Mark Priest

I have always loved swans; beautiful and graceful in flight and drifting on the water. For my 6th grade report I selected the swan. My go to research guide was the Encyclopedia Britannica; Volume S. You can't even buy an encyclopedia today : ( There are a lot of swans in Minnesota; not so many here in Georgia.
When we were stationed in Heilbronn, Germany, we went to a park where a family of swans lived. We would take bread and feed them and on one occasion, my son got too close to a new mother and she chased him back up the bank of the river. If I remember correctly, she caught is his shirt.
This swan is not soaring or drifting, but she catches my attention just the same. She sits restively on the busy corner, while traffic rushes by and I sit I wish for spring.


Virginia said…
I love public art and this one made me smile. They are beautiful creatures.
Lowell said…
I like this sculpture a lot. Real swans can be stinkers! At first I gave a quick glance at your title and saw "Something by the Mark of the Beast."

Hey, what can I say, I have a wild imagination!

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