The Big Splash

They blew a 120 section of the City Mills dam today. This is the final phase of the river restoration project before the 2.5 mile course can be opened to the public. They originally intended to remove this dam mechanically (reference the big jack hammer photo). Constructed with concreate and granite in 1907 that baby was built to last. 
The following is a short video clip of about 10 shots from today.  


Lowell said…
That's very impressive, Barb, and I liked the video very much. Lots of color came up with the water! I get the impression you think this restoration project is a very good thing for your community, right?

And I agree with you about wide-loads on mountain roads. There was a huge trail of cars following this mess!
Halcyon said…
That is definitely a big splash!
PerthDailyPhoto said…
Now that's what you call a whoosh Barb, much more impressive than the first. I love the music you chose to accompany your shots, very dramatic haha!
RamblingRound said…
Cool! Enjoyed the video. Rafters, here they come!

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