Trees - Wood, Steel, and Concrete

In the median on Broadway we have a new sculpture. It did not have an artist' plaque so I can't provide any additional information. My interpretation is as a tree, but it also looks a bit like an alien, like and as it stands next to a live oak...Well, you decide. 


cieldequimper said…
I see a world going apart... The oak is magnificent!
Lowell said…
It's a tangled mess and looks quite like our daughter's hair in the morning! (Well, that's how I remember it!) :)
PerthDailyPhoto said…
I think you're spot on Barb..I wouldn't be surprised if this position was specially picked for the comparison.
RamblingRound said…
As I understand art, even if it is abstract, it should be able to be interpreted. It can't be a tree since trees don't have two trunks, so I would say this is a ball of stiff yarn with legs, but then I'm no professional art critic! If you find out what it is, please let us know!

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