Wheel by Claudia Jane Klein

I had some time to burn while waiting for my ride today. It wasn't raining so I headed uptown. A co-worker asked me to take some photos at her son's wedding, so I am re-familiarizing myself with all the functions of my camera...like manual mode : ) Seriously, I am scared to death. This sculpture has been on the sidewalk for a while, but it is in a weird location and hard to photograph. I walked all around it and took my best shot. I can see the human form here doing the wheel pose (yoga). Now that I have had an opportunity to really study the piece, I like it.
Then I noticed that I could line up the Uptown Wings sign through the "wheel". I have never eaten here, it is a bit of a biker joint (well, I see bikes here all the time, but not today obviously) and I don't eat wings.
And then I caught a snap of the artist info so I wouldn't have to try and remember it all. And why retype the info when you have it in a photo? Well, I am going to pull out my camera book and get 'a little book learnin' in. Have a great TGIF and weekend.  


PerthDailyPhoto said…
This is a super sculpture Barb, maybe because I enjoy yoga so much I really appreciate it. I have to confess I tend to leave my camera on auto settings, lazy I know.
P.s. I see my 'fishy' comment reappeared yesterday, weird.
RamblingRound said…
I like the blue color of the sculpture, but her explanation is beyond my understanding!
Lowell said…
I know it's made of steel and such but it still looks really painful! Great shot, though.

You're gonna do just fine this weekend. In most cases you can leave your camera on "Auto" or "Program" because your camera is essentially a computer that can figure out exposure and shutter speed better than we can and much faster. Make sure you have a good flash and lots of batteries. Take a ton of pictures - at every possible angle. Move around a lot. Ask your friends what pictures they want; how they want to be posed. Make them do some of the work and they might have some really good ideas from other wedding photos they have seen.

When you've taken a ton of photos, take some more. It's so easy these days. I did wedding photography back in the days of film and processed my own film and prints - what a job that was!

Light is important and you'll need a good flash that's TTL so it exposes the scene properly.

Cull and process your photos (exposure, saturation, contrast, sharpness, etc.) before you put them out for consideration. If 10% of what you shot looks good, you've done very well.

Good luck. I think you'll do great and have fun, too.

BTW, check out http://www.kenrockwell.com. He's one of the best photographers bar none and has hundreds of great tips and he's also got some weddings he did up on the site.
Hilda said…
I love it! But then I have a thing for funky metal sculptures.

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