Not sure if these are cherry blossoms or if this is some other flowering tree, it only matters that spring appears to be pushing off the drab colors of winter. 
My thoughts and prayers are with the families who are suffering or in pain after the tragedy in Boston. 


RamblingRound said…
Definitely a fruit tree. So pretty.
Randy said…
Funny I shot some today. These are lovely.
orvokki said…
Heips Barbara,
you have a very nice blog and here are beautiful and interestings photos.
Greetings from Finland
Lowell said…
We have lots of flowering trees here, too...dogwoods, some of them. No cherry, I think. But they really do provide a colorful intro to spring!

This is a beautiful macro, Barb!
PerthDailyPhoto said…
They do look like cherry blossoms Barbara, and yes another senseless tragedy, lovely tribute post.

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