Blue Fountain

The water in the Uptown fountains is blue today. I tried to find out the significance of the blue water; watched the news, read the newspaper, but no luck. But I did have my phone, so I took a shot to share today. I think it is quite pretty. I also have a short video clip.


RamblingRound said…
Hmmmm...Yesterday is when the Civil War ended 148 years ago, so maybe it signifies the end of Yankee "blue" on Confederate soil! :) I really have no idea!
PerthDailyPhoto said…
Well what was that all about I wonder? If it was green and St Patricks Day that would explain things..but blue, a bit of detective work required Barbara :)
Lowell said…
It's a pretty shot. Did you use a Lomo effect on it 'cause that's what it looks like. Let us know what the blue water is about...
Lynette said…
Very interesting idea, to have blue water in the fountains. Thank goodness you had your phone so that you could get a photo to share with us.

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