Light on the Leaves

After all the shooting on Saturday and culling through photos yesterday and today, I could not make it any further than my backyard for a shot today. This is the recently planted columbine; I think this one is going to keep me!


Lowell said…
Very beautiful! That's a Colorado plant, right? I'm so glad that your wedding went well. Are you happy about it? You may have found a new "career"!
Lowell said…
Me again. Just responding to your comment about you and Tom being a good team.

I would never want to shoot a wedding without a partner. Everything is happening so fast and you need to be ready at all times. Can't stop and run to the store for more batteries. Or, if a camera stops functioning you need to have someone there to hand you another one. :)

It's wonderful that Tom worked with you on the project. From what I've seen, he's got a good eye for photography, too!

Kudos to you both!
PerthDailyPhoto said…
I agree with Lowell, you definitely need a partner when doing a wedding shoot, for support in so many ways..Your Columbine looks a little droopy, is that how you feel after the weekend Barb :)

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