Salem Antique Mall

I took a drive out to Auburn, AL on Sunday. On my way I stopped at the Salem Antique Mall to get a shot of their mural for reasons to be disclosed later this week. The couple that own this shop, have built this nice little house right next door. They also own a Civil War era cabin right next door. I love the stone facade and the red doors. The white chairs in the foreground are a bit blown out because of the bright sun. If you are looking for old signage, this is the place. He has just about everything you can think of.


Kate said…
Interesting building should entice passersby to come in and look around.
Randy said…
Oh I could do some real damage to my credit card there.
Lowell said…
Love stone buildings! Looks a little like a small Episcopal church, most of which in this country have red doors! :)

I like antique shops but they can be depressing. Most of what they sell are items I played with or otherwise used when I was a kid...I figure that must make me a real antique!
RamblingRound said…
What a cute little stone house!
Lowell said…
Hi Barb. You're very funny! "Specialized" treatment. Heh, heh.

Re Mt. Pisgah: Do any of your AME churches go by that name. I did some checking and found there are a lot of Mt. Pisgah AME churches - almost like another denomination! :)

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