Wedding Venue

The wedding took place at a private residence at the Backwaters in Alabama on Lake Oliver. The homeowner had several vignettes that made for an interesting photo shoot. We didn't need any props, had we had to do was look around for inspiration. This is a shot looking out from the bar toward the lake. Did I mention that we had beautiful weather?  
P.S. I still have not been able to discover the reason for the blue water in the fountains.


Lowell said…
Talk about an idyllic spot for a wedding. I think outdoor weddings might be easier to photograph than indoor ones, but maybe not. Outside you must contend with shadows and contrast...which can be fairly severe.

This is gorgeous, though. Our granddaughter had an outdoor wedding in Florida in December and that worked very well.
Lowell said…
P.S. The fountain obviously is weeping - you can see the water. Perhaps it just has the blues?
RamblingRound said…
What a pretty setting! I could sure sit on the back porch this summer!
Birdman said…
Another beverage and more contemplation on the blue fountain water. Relax. This takes time.
PerthDailyPhoto said…
Now this venue will definitely make for great wedding shots Barbara, so glas the weather was good, it can make all the difference.
Hilda said…
Oh my, what a lovely place!

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