Ahwahnee Hotel - Yosemite

I have not been out shooting because of my workload (and Thriller practice). You have to have your priorities straight you know, so I am taking a side trip today to Yosemite. We visited Yosemite in May 2009. A couple hours drive from SF and here you are. We did not stay at the Ahwahnee (a bit rich for our blood) and we preferred the "adventure" of the "cabins" in Curry Village. Maybe next time.
Yosemite gets more than 3.5 million visitors a year and the Ahwahnee is just one of the places for visitors to stay. The hotel opened in 1927 and was placed on the register of historic places in 1987. The Ahwahnee has 123 guest rooms. The rooms feature comfortable furnishings including upholstered chairs, televisions, refrigerators, bathrobes, hair dryers and bath amenities. Some rooms have king-size beds. Each room is accented with original Native American designs and is ideal for those guests who desire more service. (This from their website.)
We stayed in Curry Village, but we did come over for a visit one day. They have a wonderful gift shop, beautiful grounds, and amazing common areas. If you have some money that you want to spend on the luxurious. accommodations while in a nature setting, this is the place for you. Otherwise come over for a nice dinner, check out the grounds and spend some time in front of the fire place.  


cieldequimper said…
Ooh, that looks fantastic!
Lowell said…
I'd have no problem staying there but my pocketbook might suggest I look for other lodgings!

We were at Yosemite in 1987, I believe. At Christmas. It was snowy. We could only go in a short ways because we didn't have chains on our tires. But I got some good photos!
Kate said…
That is a spectacular building!
Anonymous said…
This photo could be a postcard. Maybe you could sell it to them in exchange for a room. :-)
Hilda said…
It sure looks like a wonderful hotel. If we can afford it, we'll choose one of those rooms with Native American decorations.
PerthDailyPhoto said…
I think you made the right choice Barb, 123 rooms is plenty big enough.. I'm not a fan of the huge hotels, in fact the smaller and more personal the better.

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