Fat Tire Ale

I got some great shots at the river today, but I am having computer issues. The only shots I have are what I have on my phone, so here is a mural for Fat Tire Amber Ale. I have never tried this ale, but according to the website, "this ale has a toasty malt flavor, gently sweet with a flash of hops.  The malt and hops are perfectly balanced " This mural on a van caught my attention because of the subject matter and the painterly affect.


Lynette said…
I agree with your assessment of the ale's logo--painterly indeed. Since moving to Portland in 2006, the names given to ales and beers have fascinated me.
PerthDailyPhoto said…
I don't know Barb..any food or drink that has 'fat' in it's name is a bit off putting haha!

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