I've Got My Eye on You

We saved this guy from certain death last weekend. He was near the road and ready to cross. Rural Alabama roads are not safe for motorists, much less slow moving turtles. We returned him to the stream. This shot was taken with my new 50mm lens. I am still getting used to using it, but the shots out of camera are terrific. Nothing but a crop in this shot and a bit of exposure compensation.
From a search on google, I have determined that this is an Eastern Box Turtle. Box turtles are long lived, are slow to mature, and slow crawlers. Turtle hunting has been banned in Alabama in case your interested. TGIF


Tanya Breese said…
wow, that's an amazing photo! we have some of those around here in virginia but i really saw a lot of them when we lived in missouri! how sweet of you to save him!
Abraham Lincoln said…
Love these guys. I have not seen one around here is 50 years or more. Good photo.
PerthDailyPhoto said…
Fantastic close up shot Barb, he doesn't look too sure about it though haha! How wonderful you are to stop and take the time to get him to safety, I should imagine there would be more than a few that would just drive on! Your new lens is working well, don't you love it when there's not much to do to an image like this.
VP said…
Great picture: he looks perplexed... Probably rightly so!

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