Timely Reflection

Lamp post reflected in the clock in front of Lanes Jewelers.
I have had a heck of a Monday. Days like this is why Monday's have such a bad rap. I woke up feeling queasy, so I called out of work. My son had an appointment so I got ready to take him to town. (He does not drive.) I start up my car and there is this awful noise. It did the same thing on Saturday so I was half expecting it, but it was not as bad today. At this point, I can only hope that it is not my engine or transmission. The Murano is 10 years old with just 100,000 miles. I hoped to get many more before trading it in or buying a new one.
Anyway, I get my son to his appointment and while driving I contact the local dealership to see if I can get it in. I did not have my purse with me because I was planning on going for a photo walk, so I run home to get my purse; all the while hoping that I wasn't doing more damage or have a car accident.
Upon arrival, I get checked in and take the tech for a ride so he and I are talking about (and hearing) the same noise. Because I am a "waiter" (they stamped that on my check in sheet), I do not wait too long for the news. The hose on my power steering system is leaking. The bad news is that they have to dismantle all sorts of things to get to the hose; which will take about 4 hours that I have to pay labor for. The new hose is 150$. The labor is about 300$. But what is a person to do? Get it fixed obviously.
Call my oldest son to rescue me and a short time later Tom comes to take me home. After a quick lunch, we are back at the hacienda waiting for the call to go and pick up my car. I hope you are having a less expensive Monday than I am. I would have preferred a photo walk.


Because the reflection looks almost black and white and the lamp post is old-fashioned, the photo gives a sense of looking back in time. It has an almost poignant feel to it. I like it.

I'm sorry to hear of your car troubles. Those are never fun. I hope you're back on the road--with minimum expense--soon so you can get back to your photo walks!
linda eller said…
Car troubles make me cringe, and the cost of repairs is even worse. Hope they got you fixed and up and running for another 10,000 miles.
PerthDailyPhoto said…
Well I had a similar day on Friday last, car service ended up twice as much as the original quote..what can you do as you say, we need them oui! Thank goodness Monday only comes around once a week hey Barb :)

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