Rubber Kayak

Running the Heaven's Gate rapids below E&P (the Georgia channel). The rapids on the Alabama channel are called Cut Bait and are the more intense of the two.
I want to try one of these rubber kayaks, but maybe I need to run the rapids in a regular raft see what it is really like. The shots taken on 25 May 2013 are the end of a 2-year 'project' of documenting the restoration of the river. There are still a few unfinished projects, like the 14th Street Bridge and the entry point on the Georgia bank of the river. In a way, because the project is not 100%, it was a bit anti-climatic, but it is what it is. They will eventually finish the bridge and extend the river walk.
One of the two outfitters pulled out of the project at the last minute. So if you are interested in rafting the longest urban whitewater course, at 2.5 miles, contact Whitewater Express and make your reservation. They offer low water (morning) and high water (afternoon) runs.


Stefan Jansson said…
I prefer to stay on dry land for most of the time, but seeing this photo makes me wanna give this sport a try.
Lynette said…
Great photo to go with your informative post. Thanks!
PerthDailyPhoto said…
What about 'no water' rates Barb, where you can walk and carry your raft! I must say I'd like to have the nerve, this guy looks like he's really into it, super shot.

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