Rushing Water and Wildflowers

At Moffits Mill in Salem, Alabama. I am pretty sure that an old grist mill once stood on this spot. You can see a bit of the foundation in the left of the frame. We spent some time exploring last Saturday. This spot is a popular swimming spot during the sweltering southern summers. We may have to check it out this summer. Stay tuned.


Halcyon said…
Looks like a perfect summer spot!
Really beautiful shot! I'd love to sit there for an hour or two.
PerthDailyPhoto said…
Such a pretty image Barbara, the purple splash of the flowers adds a lovely vibrant touch.
Kate said…
A wonderful photo with the solid rocks and the fluid water. It feels "right" and must be a pleasant spot when the weather gets warmerl
cieldequimper said…
Simply delightful!

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