Samford Hall

Over the last couple of Saturday's I have been posting some of the 'haunted' buildings in Auburn and Opelika. This is Samford Hall on the Auburn University Campus. Back in the day, the school was chartered as the East Alabama Men's College. That was 1856. Five years later the Civil War begins. The building (this is not the original structure) is converted into the Texas Hospital. When soldiers passed, the bodies were stacked twenty-five feet across and six feet high. Many of these soldiers were interred in Pine Hill Cemetery and Baptist Rosemere Cemetery.
The original structure burned down in 1887 and was replaced by what is now Samford Hall. The most prominent ghost resides in the bell tower. During the war, a soldier, often wounded, stood guard in the bell tower and watched over the hospital and grounds. It is believed that a ghost of one of the wounded guards still stands his post in the bell tower with his rifle on his shoulder.
Excerpted from 'Haunted Auburn and Opelika' by Faith Serafin


A most impressive building and a great photo.
RedPat said…
Looks like a postcard!
Randy said…
Beautiful building.
Lowell said…
Beautiful building! I think you need to check out that bell tower in the middle of some night. Just to see how haunted it really is. OK?
Birdman said…
A 'haunting' story.
PerthDailyPhoto said…
Goosebumps Barb :) Doesn't look spooky here, maybe late at night it all changes!

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