Signs in Uptown

They have these signs all around uptown. I guess they want to make sure you can get to your destination. The items hanging from this sign are highly regarded in Columbus. I imagine that pretty soon we will have a directional arrow to the Chattahoochee Whitewater course. I will have to keep my eyes open. TGIF!


PerthDailyPhoto said…
Yup there's definitely enough room on that post for another sign Barb :) be a shame if it gets too busy!
linda eller said…
I think the sign is a great idea.
RamblingRound said…
A very helpful sign! I wish all towns had signs like this.
Lowell said…
The more directional signs the better! I didn't know you had a special area just for churches, though!

These must be made to be visible at night, right?

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