Singing in Uptown

Columbus has a pretty active music scene. Free concerts of local artists on Friday nights throughout the spring. You can also hear some good music during Market Days on Saturday mornings. It's a good way for young artists to get their music and their name out to the public. The Kress building in the background burned down 20 or so years ago. The only art of the structure that could be saved was the front facade. If you look thru the windows all you will see is a parking lot.


Randy said…
Very nice shot.
Lowell said…
Very interesting. Do you go often to listen to these budding musicians? It's wonderful to have that kind of venue as it's very frustrating to create something such as music and have no real means to get it out to the public.
PerthDailyPhoto said…
Oh really Barb..if you hadn't said..glad they kept the facade, looks good in the background..

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