St John AME Church

The corner stone for this church was placed in 1870. In 1890, they decided to add a basement to the building suggesting that the original wooden structure was raised and bricked in. The congregation was forced to move to a new location when this structure was severely damaged  by a tornato. The church was purchased by the Faith Tabernacle Full Gospel Outreach in 1993 with the intent of restoring the structure. The church is now available for rent.
It was a rainy day in the valley with gray skies. I got a bit wet, as did Tom, on this outing.


RamblingRound said…
Looks like a strong, old structure. It has had quite a history!
Patty said…
Beautiful windows on the old church.
Lowell said…
I still see a variety of AME churches around. There is an old and rather large one in downtown Ocala. I don't think the denomination is as strong as it used to be, though.
linda eller said…
I am especially fascinated by old churches and this one is great.
PerthDailyPhoto said…
Lovely old building Barb, really old! Love the arched windows, wonder if it gets rented out much? Seems a shame for it not to be used.

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