The Dukes of Hazzard

Our company is celebrating 30 years this year and this is team appreciation week. We have an 1980's character contest tomorrow, but the executives got a head start today dressing up like characters from the "The Dukes of Hazzard" TV show from the 1980's.

We have from left to right: Boss Hogg (our CEO), Roscoe P Coltrane, Luke Duke, Bo Duke (our president), Uncle Jesse, and Daisy Duke. They are all standing in front of the General Lee. The show's theme song was sung by Waylon Jennings.


Lynette said…
This is such a cool idea! Thanks for sharing with us.
Randy said…
Interesting. Believe it or not but I have never seen that show.
cieldequimper said…
That's fun, I remember that series!
RamblingRound said…
Fun day on the job!
PerthDailyPhoto said…
Haha! Nice to see they got in the spirit of things Barb :)
Hmmm the clothes haven't change all that much since then.Your photo has the look of an older era several decades ago, it's the colour I think.

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