What's Wrong with this Thing

Caught this young lady and her cell phone at Market Days. Not sure if she heard something she didn't like or if she was having a connection problem. Or maybe she received a text she didn't like. Regardless, she is making full use of modern technology and does not appear to be intimidated by it.


Kate said…
I think we have an erroneous preconception of electronics and older people's relationship with it; Older people probably have more patience than younger folks in learning all the apps, but they are just as capable and intereted.
Lynette said…
Fabulous post--I enjoy seeing such proof that gray/white hair doesn't knock you out of real life!
linda eller said…
I think it is great that we 'oldies, but goodies' are willing to learn and use modern electronics! I couldnt do without my cell phone or computer....lol
PerthDailyPhoto said…
Haha! I'd lay odds that this 'young' lady is way more tech savvy than moi Barb :) good on her!
Lowell said…
Well, my recent experiences with technology would make me guess she called someone in town and got someone in Siberia!

Great shot, Barb!

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