Barn Love

I like barns. I don't take alot of pictures of them because there are not alot in our neighborhood. However, while driving thru America's heartland you see a lot of barns; all different styles. Some with a cupula, some with multiple cupulas, low-slung lean-to styles, and the more traditional barns with a hay loft. We even saw one stone barn, now that had to be expensive to build. Must have been a pretty well-to-do farmer. I would have loved to stop and shoot a few, but if I was going to get to my Mom's in a decent driving time, I could not all. I did catch this one. it was near our hotel stop for the night. Maybe I will have to go barn searching closer to home.
Taken in West Franfort, IL


linda eller said…
I love the old barns too. Have you ever heard of 'quilt' barns? There is a trail of them. Check out this site:
Kate said…
Good shot Barbara.
Lowell said…
Barns are so photographable! You done good here. And that looks like it's going to last...concrete blocks on the bottom.

Minnesota's bluff country has hundreds of delightful barns, too.
PerthDailyPhoto said…
Lovely find Barb you must have been so pleased.

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