Great Blue Heron Wading in the River

Like a surfer he stands waiting to catch the perfect set.
He must be young because I was able to walk within 30 feet of him and he still stood there. Normally, they will fly off as soon as they catch movement or if you get within their safety zone. He must have been distracted by the rafters across the river and not paying any attention to me.
Great Blue Heron are adaptable and are common throughout the United States and Canada.In the southern US to the Pacific coast, the birds tend to stay in one place. The rookery is about 1/2 mile upriver from this spot. They nest in trees and and in bushes next to the water, often on islands. I have showed you the rookery previously on Discover Island here and here. You can see the nests best in the fall.


linda eller said…
Good shot! Thanks for sharing.
Anonymous said…
they are definitely some of the most patient fishers in the world! standing still untill they see something under the water then striking!
Lowell said…
Looks intense. I've found that if a heron is this intense fishing, one can get fairly close. Nice shot!

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