Magnolia Tree and a Gas Lantern

In older Columbus neighborhoods, you can still find gas lamps lining the streets. This lantern is on private property and it doesn't appear to be working. Magnolia trees are another staple in southern yards. Both of these are in the front yard of the historic home, St. Elmo. Come back tomorrow and I will show you the house.


Kate said…
Lovely photo. Working or not the lamp is picturesque.
Randy said…
Nice shot. The tree made for a nice backdrop.
gregory urbano said…
I remember Columbus and Fort Benning having many Magnolia trees!
Lowell said…
So beautiful. Lois and I were out biking this morning and noted the many magnolia trees in our neighborhood. Many of them are huge.
linda eller said…
It through me for a moment when you said in a yard at St Elmo. In chattanooga we have an area dubbed St. Elmo, at the foot of Lookout Mtn. I do love the lanterns and magnolia trees tho wherever they are!
PerthDailyPhoto said…
I love Magnolia trees, when they flower they are magnificent oui.

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