Nesting Under the Porch

My dad built this ledge for the robin to nest under the back porch. I used the zooms lens with a 1600 ISO and additional exposure compensation to catch these three robins waiting for mom to bring them lunch. I sat on the riding lawnmower for at least 15 minutes waiting for mom to jump up with the worm, but she kept dancing around trying to call me off. I have to admit she won!!! I didn't want to disturb her any further, so I moved off so she could feed her babies.
Can you get tennis elbow from lifting and cleaning? If so, I think I have it ... ouch.


Lowell said…
What a wonderful shot! Mom just wasn't going to let you watch the feeding.

How's the weather up there?

It seems to me if you want tennis elbow you should go play tennis not lift and clean and stuff like that! Sheesh!

Seriously, that can be very painful. Better let Tom do all the lifting and cleaning! :)
PerthDailyPhoto said…
Delightful shot have to have so much patience birding don't you! I think you definitely can get tennis elbow from cleaning, that's why I've given it up haha!
btw yes I did give the monkey some money :)

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