One, Two, Three

In Phenix Plaza shopping center, a lot of changes are taking place. Chattahoochee Whitewater has taken up residence and appears to have a booming business. The question, "how long will it last"? I am sure a long time. Since opening day, they have taken over 2500 rafters over the Heaven's Gate and Cutbait rapids. The new put-in is not complete and that will add another set of rapids.
Appearing in stages are 5 murals. This was the first to be completed. At least I think its finished. I took the first shot before I left for Minnesota. I took the second shot on Thursday and the final shot on Friday. Our rafters appeared overnight.
I like the mural, but the blond appears to be topless and the others appear to be zoned out...maybe suffering from too much sun...or beer...or fun!!! This mural depicts the wild life found along (and in)  the river (pun intended). We have teen-agers, turtles, fish (Loch Ness-sized), frogs, snakes, and something lurking in that tree. I will post the other four murals as they are completed. I am glad to see PC is finally getting some 'class'.


cieldequimper said…
Lol! I love the mushroom!
Tamera said…
It sounds like such fun -- one of these days I'll go whitewater rafting, I swear!
Lowell said…
I like this mural very much! And I noted that you included teenagers in the wildlife category!

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