The House that Love Built

The Ronald McDonald House of West Georgia.
Very nice place to stay if you have a sick child at the hospital, which right across the street and the cancer center is right around the corner. They have a wonderful, large kitchen, rooms for watching TV, videos, and playing games. The bedrooms are comfortable and the volunteers are friendly and helpful. For a more complete explanation of this charitable organization, follow this link to the wiki page. TGIF everyone.


Lowell said…
A house like this is a treasure and means so much to people dealing with cancer.
Kate said…
That organization has done many wonderful things in many, many cities and I imagine the families are very grateful. I also imagine that many of them would prefer NOT to use those facilities.
Hilda said…
Now this is interesting. The Ronald McDonald Houses here are daycare centers for children of low-income families.
PerthDailyPhoto said…
That really is a house of love Barb..we have them here also, wonderful for parents to be able to stay with their ill children.

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