Today's Lunch

From Country's BBQ. Our team won the character contest during team appreciation week and our prize was a catered lunch for our entire department. The food was delicious and the weather cooperated; a nice breeze and not a drop of rain in sight. Life is good. The menu included: fried fish, chicken fingers, French fries, hush puppies (the best ever), cole slaw, sweet tea, and dessert (chocolate pecan pie, banana pudding, and buttermilk pie). 


gregory urbano said…
oh my, there is nothing on that plate that doesn't peak my interest or appetite!
Randy said…
That looks so delicious.
cieldequimper said…
Yummy!Sounds like a cholesterol blast! :-)
Lowell said…
Good Lord, that's not lunch, that's a southern gourmet feast! Lucky you!

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