Windmill in the Heartland

Mendota Hills wind farm in Lee county, Illinios. This farm has 63 turbines that stand  approximately 214 feet tall. Each of the blades are 85 feet long. This was the first full-scale wind farm constructed in  Illinois in 2003. This site produces enough electricity to power 13,000 homes 


Lowell said…
That is wonderful. Hopefully, many other farms and cities will copy this example. I first saw these things just outside of San Francisco back some 25 years ago...I thought they were some alien creatures sitting on the hills! :)
I'm like Lowell. The first time I saw a flock of them standing on a hill, I thought they were some form of extraterrestrial life...or a set from a Tim Burton movie. You've somehow managed to take a shot that makes one look bucolic instead of like a stick creature from Neptune. Impressive!
linda eller said…
More and more we are going to need these windmills and they will begin to crop up in lots of places.
PerthDailyPhoto said…
That is really impressive Barb, I'm a huge fan of the wind turbine, it just makes so much sense to me to harness all that natural power.. Some people think they're a blight on the landscape, I think they look almost like big tall sculptures..

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