Apron Strings (Sandra Graves) - Reformatted (2)

Originally photographed 12/16/2009.
I really like the whimsy of this sculpture: a young boy reading nursery rhymes surrounded by the characters he is reading about. I appreciate the sculptors attention to detail, the bumps, the scales, and feathers as well as the patina. I am glad I got a shot of this when I did, because many of the uptown sculptures are "loaners" and they are rotated in and out. When I was reframing for the square format, I wanted to make sure to include the HL Green sign, but am less than pleased with the base (not very attractive).
From another perspective.


Hilda said…
Awww, I like it very much too! Especially since I love reading - always have, always will.
This is beautifully captured! What a wonderful sculpture. The sign in the background adds even more charm to the image.
RamblingRound said…
Now this is a sculpture that even I can relate to!
Lowell said…
You are an artiste! The sculpture is excellent but I really like your square framing. I'd have a hard time with that 'cause I my photos are generally cropped to 6 X 4 and I wouldn't know what to exclude if I squared them up! You're doing a great job!
PerthDailyPhoto said…
I really like the square format Barb..it's pleasing to the eye don't you think..I may have to try a couple.. It is a super sculpture, shame it's not permanent.
Linda said…
I really like this as well!

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