Back to Opening Day and the End of a Project

We are tripping back to opening day of the Whitewater park here in Columbus, GA. The first rafters came through Heaven's Gate rapids and were sponsored corporately. The rest of us had to wait till later in the day. Tom and I have not gone yet. I am waiting for the 'new' to wear off and Tom recently broke 4 ribs so it may be a while before we hit the rapids. Also, day one was probably the nicest day since the course opened on May 25. We have had a lot of rain over the last month. The guided trips run rain or shine (unless lightening is in the forecast). You're gonna get anyway ...  
This next shot is an aerial shot that I snagged from the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer of the complete 2.5 mile course. At the bottom of the shot is Heaven's Gate and Cutbait rapids. At the top of the shot is Lake Oliver, Goat Rock dam, and the North Highland dam. Just below North Highland is the new put-in which just opened this week.
Alabama is on the left and Georgia is on the right. Starting in the south, you can see the Eagle and Phenix complex, 13th Street Bridge, 14th Street Bridge, the train trestle, and North Highland (way back). The rapids are named after events in the Civil War and the businesses that are the roots of Columbus.  
The following illustration, also from the Ledger, identifies the bridges and dams with yellow crossings. The names of the rapids are in white.
This post today is the end of the 2-year photographic project that this has become and it's time to put this baby to bed. I have some shots that need to be placed in the appropriate folders, DVDs to be burned, and one final video to create. It's been interesting, sad, and at times frustrating, trying to capture the significant changes that have been made to the river, but I think I have a pretty good archive for whoever might be interested in taking a look.


RamblingRound said…
Great job with this project! I have enjoyed watching the progress through your blog. Doubt I will ever try to run the course, but thousands will enjoy it.
Anonymous said…
Congratulations on finishing your project! You've picked a great shot to finish with--it's always good to end with a beginning. :-)
Lowell said…
It's been interesting and you've done a great job.

Those rafters look just like the ones in Colorado! Gotta be crazy.
This is Belgium said…
very interesting and informative!
greetings from Brussels,
Birdman said…
Sounds like a really 'cool' way to fill a warm summer day.
PerthDailyPhoto said…
Well done Barb, this is a real achievement. The finished project looks fantastic and going down the rapids is something to really look forward to when 'ribs' are intact :)

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