Dinner at Ezell's

Anniversary dinner at Ezell's. they are well known for their hush puppies and the catfish filets were perfectly done. They have two locations, one each in Columbus and Phenix City. 


cieldequimper said…
Happy anniversary!

I have no clue what Hush Puppies are (except for a brand of shoes!!!)
linda eller said…
Looks good from here! Love catfish.
PerthDailyPhoto said…
Happy anniversary Barb, yummy dinner. The thing is...it's almost bedtime here and now I feel a wee bit peckish :))
RamblingRound said…
There are a couple of Ezell's in West Alabama too! The original one is at Lavaca on the Tombigbee River. Wonder if it is the same family of catfish restaurants.

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