Many older homes have crawl spaces under them so you can get to 'workings' like water and sewer lines. These crawl spaces are also homes to creepy crawlies like snakes and other assorted wildlife. A neat feature of the of the crawl-space foundations is the vents that are added to increase the circulation. This is one of the unique vents that I found in the Waverly Terrace neighborhood last weekend.


Randy said…
Ooo I love that one.
Hilda said…
Interesting about the crawl space. And this is a very pretty vent.
cieldequimper said…
That's such a pretty one!
RamblingRound said…
What a great grate!
Lowell said…
Crawl spaces are indeed creepy. I kinda liked them as a kid but then what does a kid know?

I've not seen such a "vent" as this before. Quite nice!
PerthDailyPhoto said…
Such a pretty grate Barb..not so much the snakes & spiders hey :)

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