Heading to the Starting Mark

The Inaugural Dragon Boat (aka magical war craft) race in Columbus, GA. There are 22 participants on each team. 20 paddlers, a drummer, and a steer person or captain. In our races, we had 20 teams, most of them corporately sponsored.
Traditionally, the boats are made from teak wood. The drummer sets the pace for the paddlers and the captain yells at them to get their butts in gear (or something like that). I believe the race distance was set at 100 yards. TSYS had an entry, but by the time I heard about it, the team slots were full. Maybe next time; if there is a next time. This year, we were spectators. It took longer to get to the winner than I expected so we left after the first 'heat', because it was getting hot. Maybe if I had been watching from the vantage point of that guy in the background in his umbrella boat, I may have stayed longer.


RamblingRound said…
Fun times on the Chattahoochee!
Lowell said…
Well, it's a spectacular shot - action and color. I'll bet it was a great event to watch, even with the heat! And you want to be in the boat next year? I hope that happens!
linda eller said…
A fun event to watch for sure. Yes, I would have had to have that umbrella too to stay all day.

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