Into the Rail Yard

Tracks heading in to and out of the Columbus rail yard. The overpass in the background is on Linwood Blvd and was constructed in 1911. The buildings on each side are the old Swift Denim mill buildings. They made Levi's here back in the day. The mill building, what's left of them after the fire a couple of years ago, are being turned into condos and retail space. The condos might be a bit noisy with the rail yard behind them, but they appear to be of good size. Here are some links to the buildings before and after the fire in November 2011: Before the fire, after the fire, and after the fire 2.


PerthDailyPhoto said…
Good thing they have double glazing these days hey Barb, as you say a noisy location. This was a nice looking building before the fire..
Lowell said…
Hmmm...not sure I'd want to live in a condo close to those tracks no matter how big it was. But maybe they're very well insulated!

I really like these square treatments!

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