We've had a lot of rain and gloomy days around here lately so when I see a little color I like to take a snap of it. I found this in an overgrown garden and I thought it was so pretty with the delicate lavender color.


linda eller said…
It is pretty and nice to see something happy instead of all the rain.
A good year for the water table... to be sure. Glad to see this little splash of purple!
Lowell said…
I don't know much about it, but from what I see here and from what I've seen on other blogs, 'tis the season for lavender.

Beauty of a photo; colors are perfect and it's nice and sharp; a pleasure to look at!
Kate said…
I bet that beauty was helped by all that water!
RamblingRound said…
Beautiful! Sure hope the rain has mostly ended! Coolest 4th of July I ever remember!
Patty said…
One of my favorite colors. I like different shades of lavender.
JM said…
Stunning colour! Awesome close-up.

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