Statuary in Linwood Cemetery - Reformatted (3)

Photographed 29 April 2009
I enjoy walking around Linwood Cemetery. It is always to calm and peaceful as I guess most cemeteries are. Many of Columbus' elite society are interred here including John Pemberton (the originator of Coca Cola). There are multiple obelisks, angels, Woodmen of the World monuments, and family mausoleums as well as other statuary like the one above. Linwood also has, of course, the requisite Civil War plot and a section for those of the Jewish faith. I went to the Historic Linwood website and lo and behold, they are having a competition!?!#$. Talk about portentous. I guess I am going to have to look through my Linwood archive and find 5 photos that are contest worthy. Or maybe I need to go catch some new ones. The sun is finally shining and I might actually get out of the house this weekend. Auditions for "American Idol" take place on Saturday on Broadway. Ought to be fun.


Halcyon said…
A lovely statue. Nice find!
PerthDailyPhoto said…
You definiely must find some shots to put into the competition Barb, 'you've got to be in it to win it'as they say..Hope you get some sunshine this weekend, I don't think I will, it's been raining cats and dogs today :)
Lowell said…
I remember this cemetery. And I like what you've done here. Nice framing and ghosting along the sides!

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