Theme Day - Facade

Who are you today? What part do you play each day?  We all wear different faces depending on the role that we need to play at any given point in time. Each day I am a writer. Some days I am a photographer or a painter. Most often I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, and a friend. The gentleman in the top shot is a gladiator, but what is he really? My guess is a guy who likes to dress up in skirts and flirt with tourists. For tips!!!
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linda eller said…
What we see on the outside, is not what we know is on the inside. Life is truly a puzzle no matter what costume we put on.
Anonymous said…
Got any photos of guys in kilts? Those are my favorites. :-) Very fun shots!
cieldequimper said…
I was wondering where you were, lol! I have a photo somewhere of a Roman just like him except it was at the Pantheon!
LOLfromPasa said…
A super grand facade I hope to see one day!
Merisi said…
I knew that facade looked familiar! ;-)
Ah, nice facade with the open arches.
PerthDailyPhoto said…
I love that first shot so much Barb, made me smile because I could just imagine the fright she got when the statue reached out and touched her..the very same thing happened to me in Rome, and I guess if someone had taken a photo it would have looked exactly like this haha! Excellent choice for the theme day.
Buck said…
I like the way you think! The smiles of the people are priceless. Nice post for the theme!
Hilda said…
What a fun yet thought-provoking choice for the theme. Love it!

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