Three Parking Slots

I ran to the bank today, but this guy beat me to my regular parking slot. I guess he didn't want anyone to ding his doors. That's a pretty blue sky we had today. I hope we have a few more of them. We are shooting a wedding for a friend tomorrow so I'll see you when I regain my strength. 


Randy said…
I hate when people do this. Why not park farther away.
I've heard of cars getting keyed for pulling that trick when there are limited parking spaces, so it could be a counterproductive measure. Hope it's a wonderful wedding!
Lowell said…
My nerve! Stupid people!

Good luck at the wedding. You'll do a great job, I'm sure!
Hilda said…
Ohferchrissake!!! Just hate people like that.
PerthDailyPhoto said…
This is so annoying, especially when its busy and there's no parking..hope that wasn't the case for you Barb.

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