Waverly Terrace Historic District

My son lived in this neighborhood about 12 years ago. He rented an apartment in a converted house. Not this house. Although, at the time, this house was for sale. No matter how interested I was in the architecture and charm of the house, TOM said "No, I am not living in this neighborhood" (it was a little depressed at the time). Every time I drive by this house, I think of what could have been. I love everything about this house.
According to Historic Columbus, Inc. the Waverly Terrace neighborhood was the first "planned" subdivision in Columbus. The year, 1906. In 1983, the neighborhood became Columbus' second historic district. In 1906, this 25 (approx) acre subdivision was on the northern edge of Columbus. By 1929, the neighborhood was 'completed'.
The architectural styles in Waverly Terrace include craftsman bungalows, Spanish mission, late Victorian, neoclassical and Georgian Revival of wood, stucco, and brick. One of the chief architects for the neighborhood, Thomas W. Smith, built the home above for W. Presley Tutherow and his family @ 2850 Hamilton Road.


Lowell said…
This reminds me very much of my grandmother's house in Kansas...probably of the same vintage as my dad was born in 1903. Those were some great old houses.
Randy said…
I love this house. Bet there are some many nice ones in this neighborhood.
cieldequimper said…
Pretty house. Needs a bit of love though.
Hilda said…
I can understand why you love it—I find it very charming, too.

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