This is a shot of the cupola of the Mott House on the TSYS campus taken from the parking deck (thru heavy-gage steel screen, just a little shadowing is visible). The company has decided to renovate the house so it will last for another 150 years. They are going to add meeting rooms, a history room, a private dining facility, and a state of the art boardroom. I am wondering if they will officially be calling the structure the Calhoun-Griffin-Mott House? The renovations will take about 18 months. I hope they give us an opportunity to get inside. Here is a link to the local newspaper article and a video embedded within the article if you're interested. I hope you can access the link, the paper is really greedy these days as readership drops.  


Lowell said…
That is going to be a rather substantial renovation. But it's so good to hear that a building is going to be saved rather than razed. Love the cupola. Wonder what's inside of that.
RedPat said…
That's a lovely pic of a lovely structure!
VP said…
Unusual and beautiful!

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