Door Knob

Door knob in a piazza in Venice. I think the base is new because it doesn't have much of a patina and it looks like it may have been fabricated to fit the head. The lines are just too 'sharp'. The head however, probably has some age as the features are polished and almost smooth from the hands opening and closing the door.


Lowell said…
This would be great for old guys who are always trying to rub your head or muss up your hair.

Well, I'm an old guy now so they don't try to do that with me anymore, but my grandpa used to!

At first I thought it was Dutch - you know, "Doot Knob". ;))
Lowell said…
Hi Barb! Re your comment on Ocala: We use Macs, but I keep a PC ready and willing 'cause I've got some photo programs on it that I can't get anymore. But now's the time to get a new PC...I've seen computers in the $400-500 range that can do just about everything.

Hope your weekend is starting out well!
Birdman said…
And I thought Marley Ghost was scary!
Lynette said…
Great post today. Love that door knob!
PerthDailyPhoto said…
You can tell that gnarly old head has opened this door many times 's a beauty!
VP said…
I thin I have the same knob in a picture of mine, but can't remember the exact place where I took it.

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