Italian Carousel


I am playing fast and loose with my post today. We don't have a carousel locally, but we did see one on our trip to Italy last year. I don't remember the square in Florence, but as I was scrolling through shots today, this one caught my eye. We are having a lot of rain again. I wonder what our winter will be like. I better get the ark ready.


Kate said…
Playing fast and loose sometimes is more fun! Great carrousel!
Lowell said…
I saw some one great carousel in Paris. I think folks have more fun in Europe. We had one here in Ocala at Silver Springs Park but that's gone and the park's a bust!
PerthDailyPhoto said…
J'adore the Italian carousel Barb, in fact I love carousels in's a wee bit hard to get out there when the rain won't quit, fast and loose is the only way to go :)
Hilda said…
Needed these bright colors right now. It's been raining nonstop here for almost 48 hours now.
VP said…
Glad to help you: this is Piazza della Repubblica (Republic Square).

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