For some reason, this sculpture reminds me of the game of jacks or knucklebones. What I like most is the color. Personally, I think it needs more 'heft'. It's too tall and too skinny. That red truck in the background was a good complement to the sculpture though. Got lucky with that.


Randy said…
I thought of Pick Up Sticks.
Lowell said…
I's too skinny and looks flimsy. Reminds me a bit of "pick-up sticks." The truck is perfect!
Patty said…
Okay, I'm not to smart, just what is the sculpture suppose to mean or represent?
PerthDailyPhoto said…
Ha! They all beat me to it..'pick up sticks' for sure :))
p.s. 'beefcake' hahaha! that made me laugh Barb, they were a bit hunky right!
Hilda said…
Like Randy, it was pick up sticks that first came to my mind. But yes, jacks is good.

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