Low Water Blues

As I rule, I don't like to do a lot of post processing of my images. Out of the camera is my motto. I might boost the color a little and crop some of the garbage, but that is about all. On this day, the sun was really harsh, in front of me and to my right, so the sky was blown out and I decided a little vignetting would do the trick. I actually like the way this turned out and did I mention that I am really like the square format? Additionally, I think this is the first time that I intentionally cropped out the E & P water tower. It is usually in any shot I take of the mill area. Stepping out of my box people!


RamblingRound said…
I like out of the box!
Randy said…
Love the reflection!
So beautiful. I'm pretty "old school" too; however, sometimes it is fun to make changes- especially when it looks so natural.
Usually I'm pretty "old school" too; however, when you get these results, that look so natural, it is all worthwhile!
Lowell said…
I like the way you're stepping out and trying new things. But "right out of the camera" does not mean no processing. The camera has already processed the color, the sharpness, the contrast, etc. automatically. :)

A photograph, in my opinion, is a work of art. It captures one moment in time and reflects only the photographer's vision. Other photographers trying to grab that particular moment, which is very difficult to do, would have their own vision. How you process a photo is simply the way you enhance your art, as a painter might add a splash of color or another line. A photograph is not reality.

In the good ol' days, I developed my own film. That's where things began, for the way you developed the film made all the difference. Then you processed the film under an enlarger using an entire series of tools. I'd spend hours trying to get the colors "right," sharpening, dodging and burning.

And if you take film to Walgreens, the machines they use process the film also, trying to eke out the best possible result.

Today we have Photoshop and other assorted processing programs...that I call progress. I can do in an hour what used to take a day or more.

And here endeth the sermon for the evening! :)

I apologize. Sort of. I do get carried away at times! :)
Hilda said…
I love your vignetting too! This looks like a dream.
cieldequimper said…
That's a lovely shot, you could have posted it on Friday for Weekend Reflections!
PerthDailyPhoto said…
Looks fantastic Barb, I'm enjoying the square format. Vignetting is a great way to make a blown out sky look a little more interesting, trick of the trade :)
LOLfromPasa said…
A fantastic shot beautifully framed.

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